Affordable Fine Sporting And Hunting Shotguns

The founder of ” CATMA ARMS COMPANY “, Mr. Erol CATMA began his business in 1977 as a traditional single break action shotgun manufacturer. The concept for ths shotgun production was based entirely on traditional hand made firearms.

In the ensuing years, Mr. CATMA, became a share holder in the ” Usumlu Hunting Shotgun Corporation ” where he continued the business line of traditional Over and Under as well as Side by Side shotguns.

In 1993, after contributing to the success of this Corporation, Mr CATMA and seven partners decided to establish ” Zumrut Arms LLC ” a privately owned company. This business move allowed them to widen their capabilities with the addition of a completely new innovative line of gas operated Semi Automatic shotguns.

Unfortunately in the year 2000 ” Zumrut Arms closed it’s doors due to the national economic crisis in Turkey. Me. CATMA persevered and as a result re-established the original family company to continue with the manufacture of firearms combining the traditional shotgun gunsmithing with the state of the art technology. In 2015 a 12000 square meter facility opened in the industrial park of Beyschir in Koyna Turkey.

The vision of ” CATMA ARMS ” is to once again provide fine firearms namely, traditional Sporting and hunting shotguns. Tradition, quality and affordability are still the basic ingredients of a firearm manufactured by ” CATMA ARMS COMPANY “


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